AM-1100 Musette

The ultimate musette accordion… Referred to by many as the Stradivarius of the accordion. Each AM-1100 is uniquely individually handcrafted from the highest quality materials and four generations of craftsman. Pioneering perfection; a mahogany wood body, hand cut solid walnut keys and lucite key tops. Precision chromed bass mechanics for everlasting smooth silent action, reed blocks skillfully shaped from solid-aged Mahogany, a spruce core and three-piece walnut base. Newly designed Voci Armoniche BLUESTAR reeds with supple, hand-cut calfskin reed leathers. Tone chamber milled from a solid piece of aged mahogany. Interior wood varnished to a high gloss mirror finish. Bellows with Stainless steel corners. Finely finished solid walnut bellow frames and genuine leather gaskets. For those with a musical passion, you will simply feel the quality. The AM-1100 is second to none in sound, endurance, and quality that will last a lifetime. Register configurations include Italian, French, German, Polka, Cajun, Zydeco and Blues. With an optional, unique custom chrome grille and optional rhinestone engraving, the 1100 Musette offers a one-of-a-kind style with quality that is second to none. Simply the finest accordion being produced today.  

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Construcción de caja de caoba de 5 capas. Cámara de doble tono (LM) hecha a mano con caoba envejecida sólida de una sola pieza.petosa Teclado / guías de nogal 100% hecho a mano con tapas de teclas Lucite. Pastillas de válvula de fieltro denso especial y cuero. Bloques de caña de caoba con cámaras de cedro y optimización de la cavidad de aire de nuevo diseño. Piel de válvula de caña de becerro genuina cortada a mano. Exclusivopetosa Tablero de bajos de caoba diseñado y placa de cubierta. Todo cromado en silenciopetosa mecánica de graves.
41 teclas:Teclado de 19 1/2"(49,5 cm)
120 botones de graves:Low A
4 agudos/5 graves:Voci Armoniche BLUESTAR/todas las válvulas de cuero/A440Hz
II Cassotto, caoba maciza de una pieza
11 + Master Treble/10 Bass
26 libras (11,8 kg)
Garantía de 10 años/Garantía Reed de por vida/Mantenimiento de por vida incluido

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