C 39 (39/96 LMM)

C 39 (39/96 LMM)

C 39 (39/96 LMM)

3-Year Warranty
Trade-up Guarentee
10 Day Trial
3-Year Warranty
Trade-up Guarentee
10 Day Trial
The AMERICANA C 39 is setting a new standard for both quality and value. Designed and produced by petosa with the same attention to detail & craftsmanship. The C 39 is a high-quality accordion at an affordable price, and will exceed your expectations as it outperforms any other accordion in its price class. 
The AMERICANA's production is optimally streamlined. Many petosa characteristics remain; American mahogany cabinet & reed blocks, insulated silent bass mechanics, and a warranty that exceeds the competition. In other words, there is no equivalent to the AMERICANA C 39 when comparing quality & value in an Italian-crafted accordion. 
The AMERICANA line includes a 1 year exchange guarantee towards new petosa models, a 3 year warranty and all of the same tailored service that you expect from petosa accordions. 

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Treble: 39 notes (F - G)

Bass: 96 buttons (Low A)

Registers: 7 treble/3 bass

Reeds: 3/4 sets Voci Armoniche Rifinitura tipo a mano reeds

Configuration: LMM +12 cents

Weight: 19 lbs (8.6kg)

Dimensions: 40 x 18 x 38 cm


  • V-200 Classic shoulder straps
  • Americana gig-bag

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3 Year Warranty

1 Year petosa Exchange Guarantee

10 Day Trial

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