petosa AM-1100 Concert/Musette (19 1/4" LMMH/LMMM II TC)

petosa AM-1100 Concert/Musette (19 1/4" LMMH/LMMM II TC)

petosa AM-1100 Concert/Musette (19 1/4" LMMH/LMMM II TC)

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This AM-1100 was crafted in 1968. Referred to as the Stradivarius of the accordion; each AM-1100 is uniquely individually handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Precision chromed bass mechanics for everlasting smooth silent action, reed blocks skillfully shaped from aged Mahogany and three-piece walnut base. Famous "Guidobaldi" Hand Made reeds with genuine calf skin leathers from the peak of accordion production in the 1960's. Tone chamber of aged mahogany. Interior wood varnished to a high gloss mirror finish. Bellows with Stainless steel corners. Finely finished solid walnut bellow frames and genuine leather gaskets. For those with a musical passion, you will simply feel the quality. The AM-1100 is second to none in sound, endurance, and quality that will last a lifetime. The custom interchangeable reed blocks and acoustic power grille make this AM-1100 even more special, it is truly several accordions in one, and the ultimate in flexibility. 

Keyboard: 19 1/4″ keyboard (49 cm)

Treble/Bass: 41 treble keys / 120 basses 

Registers: 11+M treble / 10 bass registers

Reeds: 4/5 sets of Handmade Guidobaldi reeds

Configuration: LMMH  +15    LMMM -15/+15 

Tone Chamber: Double (LM) Mahogany Tone Chamber

Amplification: ESM Grille (open/close) 

Extras: Interchangeable reeds and Acoustic Power Grille 

Weight: 27 lbs (12.2 kg)



  • ESM & Acoustic Power Grille
  • petosa PGB-1 gig bag
  • Mahogany Storage Box for reeds
  • Mahogany Storage Box for grille
  • V-100 Premium Contoured Shoulder straps 
  • Bass strap
  • Back pad

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