petosa Millennium (19 1/2") **RESERVED**

petosa Millennium  (19 1/2")  **RESERVED**

petosa Millennium (19 1/2") **RESERVED**

This Millennium includes chromatic “C” Griff and Quint free bass options. 

Petosa was the first to introduce the Reedless Digital Accordion with exact attributes of an acoustic accordion.  The MILLENNIUM Reedless is made of traditional all wood construction and standard celluliod cover.  All wood professional accordion keyboard and same bass mechanics found on traditional acoustic accordions.  Traditional keyboard & Bass Valves control the bellow air movement offering the same bellow sensation of traditional acoustic accordions.

Unlike the Roland FR-8X at just under 30 lbs, the Millennium weighs only 17 lbs.  With complete external sound module performing up to 16 channels simultaneously and external MIDI control capability, this is a total system. Pre-owned models are available at a fraction of their original price.

Factory Programs Include Seven Accordions:  Concert, Musette, Tuba Bass, Polka Box, Vintage, Jazz & Bass accordion

16 Part Multi-Timbral – 64 Voice Polyphony.

101 Programmable Presets:  Assignable in 16 banks.

Standard Piano:  120 bass – 41 keys – 191/2″ keyboard.

12 Treble Registers:   Treble registers are multifunction programmable switches to send midi program change, bank select, control change, preset change and 128 messages of exclusive midi code.

5 Bass Registers:  Bank select, Oct. 32′, 16′, 16′ & 8′.

Backlit Liquid Crystal Display:  With 32 characters.

Programming Made Easy:  By an edit key and four joystick type controls.

Transmits 16 Midi Channels:  Four assignable Midi Outputs.

Receives 16 Midi Channels:  Two Midi Inputs with channel mapping and filtering.

Four Modes For Each 16 Parts:  (Treble [solo], Bass, Chords and Free).

Velocity Sensitive Keyboard.

Continuous Bellow Control:   Control any controller message for all 16 parts.

16 Possible Split & Layer Combinations.

5 Real-Time Sliders:  Three pedal assignable controllers.

On-board Digital Reverb.

2U Rackmount Module:  (built-in rack carry bag).


17 lbs (7.7kg)


  • Shoulder straps
  • Hard case
  • MIDI cable
  • Millennium Module

Optional Accessories:

30 Day (electronics), 3 Year (mechanical) Warranty

10 Day Trial

Certified Pre-owned Exchange Guarantee

$49 shipping & insurance (Cont. 48 States)

0% Interest available


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