petosa SM-200 MIDI (18 1/4" LMM)

petosa SM-200 MIDI (18 1/4" LMM)

petosa SM-200 MIDI (18 1/4" LMM)

Built in 2011, this pristine SM-200 model includes a factory built-in S-2000 MIDI system.  A medium full-size accordion with 3/4 sets of reeds (LMM Musette), all genuine calfskin leathers, mahogany cabinet & reed blocks, S-2000 MIDI system, amplification and much, much more...

Here is a live performance of artist Chuck Berger performing on his petosa AM-1100 S-2000 Midi.  There are no backing tracks or pre-recordings used in this live performance.  

18 1/4″ keyboard (46.3 cm)

41 treble keys - 120 basses

5+Master treble - 3 bass registers  

3/4 sets T.a.M. reeds

Tuning: LMM Musette

Includes condenser & dynamic amplification

24 lbs (10.9 kg)

S-2000 Midi Dynamic Accordion
99 programmable presets in memory; foot control of up to 495 continuous program change and controller messages.

Seven individually programmable MIDI control sections; monophonic, polyphonic, bass, chords, auxiliary 1, auxiliary 2, drums (sequencer), can transmit on seven MIDI channels simultaneously.

Each section allows programmability of the following MIDI controls; MIDI channel (1-16), program change (01-256), volume (00-128), transpose (6 octave range), dynamic touch sensitivity of right left side (with 5 velocity curves), bellow dynamics control, real-time expression pedals and foot switch controls.

Velocity sensitive action of both treble bass keys with adjustable velocity rates; or assign fixed levels for each section.

*Bellow dynamics control (optional), in each section, to send MIDI controller messages after-touch, (volume, pitch, modulation, X-fades, panning, etc...).

Eight sound modes available on keyboard section; split keyboard, monophonic, polyphonic, mono mono, poly poly, mono poly, mono poly2 (two keys played), mono poly3 (three keys played).

MIDI synchronization of rhythm units and / or sequencers; (control tempo, start / stop, fill-ins, etc...). Special function; double mode operation, (allows up to four transmitting channels of right and left hand).

Cancel section; four micro-switch controls, (for immediate on / off selections of mono, poly, bass, chords).

Three simultaneous programmable controller swell pedals in each section; for real-time control of volume expression, stereo panning, pitch-bend, modulation, etc...

Four programmable on / off controller switches available in each section; for real-time control of sustain, tremolo, chorus, portamento, program change, start / stop, fill-ins, etc... Also, preset increment and decrement.

Four real-time volume controls for immediate control over; (mono, poly, bass, chord sections).

Full MIDI implementation and 100% technical support to MIDI standard.


  • Shoulder straps
  • Original Hard case
  • S-2000 MIDI components 

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