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Repairs & Restoration


Accordions are intricate, mechanical machines with hundreds moving parts on average. When those parts either sit for years unused or undergo an abundance of use, they will need to be serviced and maintained over the course of their life. We offer every maintenance service your accordion may need; including periodic maintenance cleaning, mechanical cleaning & optimization, reed maintenance and adjustments, bellows gaskets/corner/gussets/lining inspection and service, register mechanism cleaning & repair, and most every other service one may require. Proper maintenance is key to getting optimum performance and longevity out of your accordion.

Keyboard Mechanics

There are many different types of keyboard builds and each has their own nuanced needs.  Most accordion keyboards require guide/bed cleaning and minor adjustments every 10-30 years depending on the construction quality. A high quality accordion may last 40-50 years before needing any serious keyboard maintenance and keeping the treble section clean and moisture-free will ensure that fewer maintenance services are required. 

Bass Mechanics

An accordion's bass mechanism is the most intricate aspect, with hundreds of individual components and many dozens of contact points. These contact points are often lubricated and after many years, the lubrications can gum up or hardened and begin to cause excess friction and restriction of movement. Depending on the construction quality, some mechanisms will need more service over the years than others and if metal parts are not chromed or built properly, service may be more frequent. 


The most nuanced and confusing aspect of an accordion's performance pertains to reed quality,  condition and tuning. There are many reasons why an accordion may sound 'out of tune', and it is not always due to the reed needing to be tuned. Finding a trustworthy technician is most important, where they can inpsect other aspects such as reed block fit, reed valves, wax, rivet integrity, tongue alignment, etc. to ensure that tuning is indeed required. If indeed tuning is required, similarly, it is most important to find a qualified accordion tuner; one with decades of experience and practice. At petosa, we only tuned by hand (no power tools) and guarantee the highest level of perfection in the industry.   


A common concern for many accordionists today has to do with an accordions weight; which is important. What is just as important is an accordion's compression and balance. Compression translates to efficiency, or how much 'pushing and pulling' an accordion requires to produce sound. Poor compression can result in an inefficient accordion, therefore the player exerts far more energy to produce sufficient sound. The better the compression, the more efficient and responsive an accordion is.  Compression can be improved by servicing or replacing bellow gaskets, treble or bass valves & settings, various holes or cracks in the body, loose hardware, bellows leaks in corners, lining, gussets, pins etc. and more.   


Many of our customers are surprised to learn the age of our Certified Pre-owned accordions. This is due to the finish work that is performed during a certification service that helps brings back the luster and shine of the exterior body.  Most accordion's celluloid finish will scratch and dull over time. Treble keys often wear as well, which can also be sanded, buffed and shined to remove pitting and scratches from years of use. We even rechrome, paint or replace old, corroded hardware upon request.  Our exterior finishing services ensure your treasured instrument is looking its best for may years to come.

Frequently asked questions

Do you service all types of accordions?

Yes, we service all brands of piano, chromatic button, diatonic accordions as well as most concertinas.

Do you tune accordions?

Yes, our team of technicians have nearly a century of combined experience and offer a full-spectrum of tuning services from maintenance to customizations and more.  Using only traditional hand-methods (no power tools), you can be sure your accordion will be pristinely cared for while in our hands. 

How do I obtain an estimate for service?

Free estimates are provided upon inspection. We welcome accordions for service to be shipped directly to our facility if a visit is not feasible - please contact us for information.

How do I pack an accordion for shipping?

Use a reputable courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL etc.) and insure your package for damage.  
View these videos below for best practices and preventative measures:

How much does it cost to ship accordions?

Shipping costs vary greatly depending on location, dimensional package weight, and insured value. We suggest visiting your preferred courier's website for most accurate pricing and welcome you to contact us directly if you have any questions - in some circumstances, we can provide a pre-paid shipping label upon request. 

How long do repairs take?

Estimated time for completion will be provided upon inspection.  Turnaround times can vary depending on the service being performed. Most basic services are completed in a matter of 1-2 weeks and more intensive restorations are completed in 2-6 weeks. 

When do I submit payment for services?

Payment is due at the time of service completion, prior to taking delivery.  No deposit is needed unless otherwise stated.  


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