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Mics & Amplification

Amplifying your accordion is a very personal venture, based on your performance needs, environment and the accordion itself. Harmonik Instrument Microphones (made in Brazil) have revolutionized the industry standard of accordion amplification. As the North American distributor, petosa offers primarily Harmonik Microphone systems, cables and accessories as well as installation and service. Additionally, petosa offers an array of wireless kits, cables and amplifiers to meet all of your amplification needs. 

Custom Tuning

Accordions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as do their reed and tuning specifications; one of the many reasons the instrument is so versatile. It is extremely important that an accordion tuner has many years of experience and expertise, and uses only proper techniques (no power tools). Tuning an accordion improperly can result in the complete degredation of the instrument, as the reeds are the 'engine' of the instrument and are often cost-prohibitive to replace entirely. Whether you are looking for spot tuning to bring your accordion back to factory spec, custom tuning to meet the needs of your music genre, or complete repitching of the instrument; we do it all. Nobody in North America has more combined experience than petosa accordions. 

Keyboard Action

When you buy your accordion from a retailer or factory, rarely is it discussed that treble key depth, pressure and play are adjustable to your playing style or preference. As a producer of the world's most premium accordions, we offer these detailed customizations tailored to our customer's exact requirements. If you find your keyboard to be too slow, too deep, too light, too stiff, etc... we can adjust spring tension, guide play, depth and more to ensure the feel and performance is exactly the way you want it. 


When accordion bellows are crafted well, they will last many decades without issue. If the bellows lining begin to show signs of wear and need to be replaced, we can remove the old and install new lining, ensuring your bellows have the long life they deserve. We also offer custom bellow tape designs and colors, limited to available materials. 


Don't underestimate the importance of your accordion's hardware. The quality of hardware and installation is key to the instrument's security while playing and maintaining compression integrity. Many manufacturers use wood screws over machine screws with internal washers and nuts to secure hardware, which are prone to stripping and breaking. If you'd like to upgrade your accordions hardware to a better, more secure system, we can help you. We also offer a wide variety of hardware shapes, sizes, orientation, colors and repair.  


Changing the accessories on your accordion can be a fun and easy way to add your own personal touch to your instrument. We source only the finest American and Italian-made cases, covers, straps, back pads, bellow fasteners and more. We offer many sizes and custom attachments such as backstraps in order to tailor the fit of your accordion perfectly.

Frequently asked questions

Do you service all brands of accordions?

Yes, we service all brands of piano, chromatic button, diatonic accordions as well as most concertinas. 

Do you tune accordions?

Yes, our team of technicians have nearly a century of combined experience and offer a full-spectrum of tuning services from maintenance to customizations and more. Using only traditional hand-methods (no power tools), you can be sure your accordion will be pristinely cared for while in our hands. 

How do I obtain an estimate for service?

Free estimates are provided upon inspection.  We welcome accordions for service to be shipped directly to our facility if out of state - please contact us for information.

How do I pack an accordion for shipping?

Use a reputable courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL etc.) and insure your package for damage.  
View these videos below for best practices and preventative measures:

How long do custom services take to complete?

Estimated time for completion will be provided upon contacting or visiting us.  Turnaround times can vary depending on the service being performed. Accessories can often be upgraded same-day as long as no significant installation is required. 

Where are Harmonik Microphones made?

Harmonik Instrument Micrphone company is located in Brazil and all North American sales and service is handled by petosa accordions. 

When do I submit payment for services?

Payment is due at the time of service completion, prior to taking delivery.  No deposit is needed unless otherwise stated.  


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