Links - Tony Lovello music composition & videos.

Accordion Names Around the World - the accordion has many different names around the world. A list compiled by Wendy Morrison of The House of Music Traditions , attempts to catalog them all. - Milestones of accordion music for both amateur musicians and concert performers.

Accordions Worldwide is a very popular internet site, with weekly accordion news, CD reviews and a yellow pages directory of accordion artists.

Accordion Billboard - contains a listing of accordion clubs throughout the US.

American Accordion Association

American Teachers Guild

Caffe Trieste : All Things Accordion

Classical Free-Reed, Inc - a nonprofit educational and cultural organization dedicated to the advancement of the accordion in classical music.

Corky Bennett Background Tracks - Custom background tracks to practice or perform with - much more fun and exciting than a metronome - You'll sound like you're playing with a band! Great with any solo instrument or vocal.

KEY PUBLICATIONS - 2692 Lauralyn Drive North Vancouver, BC V7J 2Y5 Canada (604) 987-8984

List and Links to accordion clubs in the US and abroad.

Melos Folk Ensemble brings together some of Winnipeg's finest, and most experienced choral and solo vocal performers, and musicians to celebrate the beauty and energy of Ukrainian music and dance!

Music Lessons Plus - supports professional & experienced tutors offering lessons on a one to one basis.

National Accordion Association - formerly known as the TAA, NAA promotes public interest in the accordion through public awareness, education, meetings, workshop, seminars and an annual accordion festival. NAA also functions as a resource center, providing referrals for instruction, repair, sales and / or trade.

NU ARTS PRESS - Music Publications 322 Haddon Ave Westmont, NJ 08108 (609) 854-5628

Louisiana State Musical Instrument is a newsgroup where players discuss accordion related issues. You will need a newsgroup reader to access this link. There is a also mirror mailing list: subscribe by sending e-mail to, with the subject line containing 'subscribe squeezebox' or 'subscribe squeezebox-digest'.

RPM Seattle Music Preparation - Notesetting / typesetting of sheet music and songbooks using either Finale or Sibelius. Publisher quality final formatting and cleanup of music you have already input using Final or Sibelius. Transcriptions of you recorded music into print. Contact Robert Puff 425.415.1500.

Semaphone Records - record label and home of pianist / composer Walt Wagner.

Squeezeboxes on the Silver Screen - this interesting page is a list of movie soundtracks where the accordion is a featured instrument, either seen, heard or both.

Musical Glossary for Kids by TheatreSeat Store - "How to Music" for kids, a wonderful glossary and educational tool to help kids and beginners learn terminology with links to additional topics and education.


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