The Art of Perfection

100 years later, the petosa philosophy remains unchanged

The petosa brand represents the apex of quality standards - a century of relentless dedication to craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection. Using traditional handcrafted methods in combination with modern innovation, a petosa embodies the finest quality accordion in production today. 
10 Year Warranty, Lifetime Reed Guarantee, Complimentary Maintenance for Life.. 
It's no surprise why the most demanding musicians choose to play petosa

The Reeds

"...the most important aspect in the construction of an accordion is that of 'extracting' the sonic potential from the voices. Consequently, the more sonic potential the voices have, the more of it can be extracted in the construction of an accordion."  -Lorenzo Antonelli, President & CEO of Voci Armoniche



In 2022, the year of our 100th anniversary, the BlueStar® reed has replaced our finest handmade reed as the top of the range, as it exceeds in acoustic and functional potential. The new BlueStar® voices are a natural result of a new vision in the art of crafting reeds. They are the conclusion of a path of observation, study and improvement by third generation Lorenzo Antonelli. They are not considered handmade; nor a variant, or a restyling. The BlueStar® is a new voice, different from the voices of the past and those of today, because it contains substantial innovations and differences.

Compared to the handmade reed, the BlueStar® reed has specific improvements:
 1) Enhanced overall timbre and functional homogeneity resulting from today's most advanced computer measuring software to enhance precision of the tongue shapes. The precision between tongue and plate has been raised to the highest possible degree. 2) Stability of the final tuning while preserving the important chargepoint.
 3) Resistance to fatigue failure, improved by the thermal bluing treatment.
 4) Thermal bluing of the tongues also improves the steel in its metallurgical properties, consequently improving the functional characteristics of the reeds (usability, ductility, dynamics, homogeneity).

BlueStar® is a natural evolution of innovation and technology; improving on the best characteristics of the finest handmade reed, resulting in the most refined, dynamically responsive and powerful reed produced today. When joined together with special, precision-modified reed block chambers, the result further optimizes the characteristics of this new voice. petosa is pleased to be in partnership with Voci Armoniche to bring this pioneering concept to market - now available in select petosa models. 




Ultra high-end professional voice, offering the formal and acoustic contents of the best Italian artisan tradition. A profile offering excellent acoustic potential, versatility and intensity, balance and definition in the harmonic fullness of the timbre. Hand riveting, very high precision between tongue and plate; tongues worked to perfection. Impeccable aesthetic and formal care, which concerns the whole item, from the shape of the rivet head with the radial facets to the hand polishing of the duralumin plate surface.




High-end professional voice;  Tipo a Mano means "made like hand".  The Tipo a Mano reed was originally conceived by Luigi Antonelli in 1952.  Petosa has continued to utilize Antonelli Tipo a Mano reeds exclusively since their inception.  The unmistakable "classic" voice with excellent acoustic potential and tonal balance.  Similar but different to the handmade reed with its own acoustic characteristics of great value.  The reed finish is crafted, shaped and filed by hand with the same precision artisanship as Antonelli handmade reeds beginning with a sheet of swedish blue steel rather than a ribbon.

The Factory - Castelfidardo, Italy

Handcrafted, one piece at a time

Making the AM-1100 Series

Pioneering the Standard

The AM-1100 model sets the standard by which all other accordions are compared. No one instrument is the same as each accordion is handcrafted using old-world, traditional techniques. No accordion today parallels the AM-1100's quality of materials or craftsmanship, setting it apart from any other high-caliber, modern accordion.

Relentless Durability

The AM-1100 is built to outlast its owner and the artisans who made it, and we have the history to prove it. A restored AM-1100 from 1960 is, on average, ten times more valuable today than it was brand new, thanks to the relentless durability still being replicated and improved upon today.

Mahogany Cabinet

The AM-1100 uses one of two cabinet constructions: solid-core mahogany (Cathedral and Grand Concert) producing a crystal clear tone or 5-ply mahogany (Concert, Jazz and Musette) for deep and warm resonance. The handmade mahogany cabinet is sawn and air-dried, then brought into the factory for months of additional curing and environmental acclimation, ensuring stable and unchanging structural integrity. 

Solid Walnut Keyboard

As the only modern accordion with a handmade solid-walnut keyboard, the AM-1100 takes the best from the 'Golden Age' of American production and embodies the finest traditional aspects while combining state-of-the-art, contemporary materials and mechanics. The solid walnut key guide, as opposed to the industry standard brass (metal on metal), reduces friction and improves action and longevity. The walnut keyboard bed and felted guides create a silky smooth and responsive touch. Solid, hand forged aluminum key arms, double riveted chamber arms, waxed wood valves, dense felt & leather pads and lucite key tops result in the most efficient, precise and long-lasting keyboard ever produced.

Precision Bass System

While the bass mechanics of many Italian-made accordions are an engineering marvel; the AM-1100 advances an already intricate machine to a whole new level. The exclusive bass board (porto basso) consists of a lucite top, mahogany back and a sandwich layer of cashmere felt. The mechanics feature all-chromed components, waxed wood valves with felt and leather pads, felted bass & chord rails and the addition of a felted chord rake dampening rail. To further reduce mechanical noise, the chromed fulcrum rods are precisely positioned tightly together - minimizing play and mechanical noise, mahogany bass board with felted button openings, mahogany bass cover plate for tonal resonance and insulation, and silicone-wrapped arm pins for the ultimate silent bass mechanism. 

Artisan Reed Construction

The AM-1100 is built with the finest precision Voci Armoniche BlueStar® reeds and all calfskin reed leathers (no plastic). The duraaluminum plate, Swedish blue steel tongue and rivets are honed to perfection, mounted and tailored to each accordion, one at a time. Using traditional hand techniques combined with new computer-enhanced reed tongues and plates, 3-piece mahogany & walnut blocks designed with individually honed, proprietary air cavities that optimize pressure and air regulation specific to each octave & note; the reed construction of an AM-1100 and other petosa models optimizes power, precision and responsiveness of the instrument. Two sets of reeds are mounted in the tone chamber made from one-piece of solid mahogany (not aluminum or hybrid), creating what many refer to as 'the petosa sound'. 

Everlasting Bellows

Italian-made bellows are either produced in large quantities or individually made, one at a time. The AM-1100 uses the highest quality bellows construction by Marconi Bellows, individually made for each instrument. Solid walnut bellows frames are handmade for each accordion, ensuring a perfect and secure fit. Felt gaskets, stainless steel or gold-plated bellow corners, durable fabric lining and lambskin gussets endure decades of rigorous use and maintain optimum integrity. Stainless steel machine screws allow for repetitive access to internal components while preventing compression loss over time. 

Robust Hardware

All chromed and stainless steel or gold-plated hardware fortifies the AM-1100 and the accessories that go with it. Using machine screws instead of wood screws ensures the most secure and robust attachment points. Resistant to corrosion and rust, the chromed or gold-plated hardware is designed and installed to preserve air compression and endure generations.

Meticulous Refinements

The finishes of the AM-1100 reflect the persistent pursuit of perfection from petosa. Multiple coats of special luthier varnish cover the interior cabinet, reed blocks, solid tone chamber, bass cover plate & other mahogany surfaces. Each reed leather perfectly cut and installed by hand with a special mylar booster covering for the best of performance and longevity. Chromed reed block hardware resists corrosion over many decades and is precisely adjusted to ensure a secure fit. Every aspect of the AM-1100 is over-scritunized & micro-crafted to perfection; no detail is overlooked.

A Finished Masterpiece

The AM-1100 takes eighteen months to go from raw materials to a finished work of art. The combination of traditional, artisan construction techniques and modern, state-of-the-art materials and mechanical engineering give rise to the ultimate accordion masterpiece. The contemporary AM-1100 embodies the highest level of craftsmanship that has ever been produced in the accordion insdustry and to this day, maintains its reputation as the world's highest quality accordion. Just as a Stradivarius or Ferrari is not for everyone, those that desire the abosulte finest product of its class will appreciate the enduring quality and expression that only improves with time. The AM-1100 becomes a part of the artist and their family which will be passed down from one generation to the next. 

Cathedral Bayan Series

AM-1100 Series

Artista Pro Series

Leggera Series

Artista Series

Little Pro Series


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