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 A R T I S T    S P O T L I G H T 
Ginny Mac

“One evening with Ginny and you will have traveled to the West Texas plains, reminiscent of Bob Wills' soaring fiddle tunes, or perhaps to a sidewalk cafe in Paris beside a sprightly l’accordeoniste. Take her hand, don't hold back...she’ll invite you to two-step or dance the tango under Texas skies...”

Hailing from Fort Worth, TX, Ginny Mac fronts a dynamic group that brings a fresh and exciting twist to vocal and instrumental stylings in the Country & Western Swing, Americana, Hot Jazz, and International music genres. Ginny is also a former member of the two-time Grammy Award winning group Brave Combo based in Denton, TX. 

Q: Story has it, you started playing the accordion because of an accordionist that gave a presentation at your elementary school when you were 7.  Do you remember who it was and what they played?
A:   The man who played was George Mcbride! I ended up getting to know him through the fort worth accordion clubs. he was such a sweet man and was always supportive of me learning as a kiddo!

Q: You recently partnered with Fort Worth Public Library to give a lecture series on Western Swing. What got you into playing this style of music?
A: I
 was twelve years old and walking in the fort worth stockyards with my nana when we came across a group of western musicians. They were the Cowtown opry, a 501c3 non-profit that performs western heritage music, as well as mentors youth. I joined the group and began performing monthly with them. they educated me about the difference between country and western swing music. 

Q: Your brother, Glenn McLaughlin, often joins you on stage as your guitarist, did you come from a musical family? 
A:  It’s just the two of us who are musical! we both started taking music lessons very young and it was a very natural choice to start making music together. Our very first gig together was a festival in Arizona, when my brother was filling in for a band mate who could not make the trip. I had to get Glenn up to speed for our sets in just a few weeks! he commonly refers to that period of time as “Ginny Mac boot camp.” ha! He loved the experience and has been playing with me ever since. 

Q: I’m sure this is a very nuanced question but what is the difference between Country Music and Western Swing? 
A: There are so many tangents we could get into here! But in general, western swing is a mixture of African American jazz and blues, folk string music, and hoedown/fiddle dance music. Some of the big differences between the genres are the type of rhythm and dance step, and the emphasis on jazz-inspired improvisation in western swing.

Q: Do you compose music using the accordion?
 Usually when I compose, I use the piano, and translate to the accordion when applicable. But I have composed strictly for accordion before. 

Q: Who are 3 Western Swing accordion players we should listen to? 
A: I love Jeff Taylor, Joey Miskulin, and Rory Hoffman.

Q: Do you have any practice rituals or routines? 
A: Starting slow. When I’m learning something new, especially when it is challenging, I start out playing it very slowly to internalize the phrasing and feel. We put a lot of emphasis on playing fast and fancy, but hey, can you play it slowly??? Sometimes that is more difficult :)

Q: What’s the best advice you have about playing music?
A: Be true to yourself always, listen to your own musical heart and nothing else. the moment I started playing authentically and true to myself, I was free to do anything I wanted, and the universe becomes yours. my late friend, the choreographer, Bruce Wood, asked me once “Ginny, do you know what it means to be an artist? It means forsaking everything that would get in the way of saying what you want to say with your art.” It was the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given. 


Q: Anything else you’d like our readers to know? 
A: Stop being afraid. Just stop it. Whatever it is, get out there and do it. Believe in yourself. Do it because you’re afraid. 

The History of Western Swing with Ginny Mac

 New January 2023

P 374 
37/96 - 11+M/5 - 4/4  II TC

The AMERICANA P 374 is setting a new standard for both quality and value.  Designed and produced by petosa  with the same attention to detail & craftsmanship, the new P 374 is a high-quality accordion designed for the advanced level artist at an affordable price.  Try all other Italian brands, but before making a decision, you deserve to experience its sound and performance.  The P 374 will exceed your expectations as it outperforms any other accordion in its class.  

The AMERICANA's production is optimally streamlined.  Many petosa characteristics remain; American mahogany cabinet & reed blocks, lucite key tops, insulated silent bass mechanics, and a warranty that exceeds the competition.  In other words, there is no equivalent to the AMERICANA P 374  when comparing quality & value in an Italian-crafted accordion.

The AMERICANA line includes a 1 year exchange guarantee towards new petosa models, a 3 year warranty and all of the same tailored service that you expect from petosa accordions.

P 374
LMMH +6 Classic
P 374
LMMM -5/+15 Musette
An American Accordion Story  

"A Four-Generation Family Legacy Honoring the Accordion,
the Musicians, and their Unique Places in American Culture"
by Joseph Petosa Jr.

This beautiful (11"x 8.5") coffee table style book celebrates the remarkable legacy of four generations of an immigrant Italian-American artisans who have been hand-making accordions for one-hundred years.  It chronicles American Accordion history, the musicians, and their unique place in American culture. 

A family’s fulfillment of the American Dream is a footnote in the history of the contemporary accordion, whose development began in Europe in the 1800s. The “squeezebox” came to America with European immigrants, found a place on the Vaudeville stage, and enjoyed a wave of growing popularity in the first half of the twentieth century – until the arrival of rock ‘n’ roll caused the accordion’s “fall from grace”.

Published by American Accordion Press
Limited First Edition, signed & numbered
Coffee Table format, 128 pages, hardbound, 380+ photos

An American Accordion Story

Eva Ybarra featured in the
Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame & Museum, founded in 2001, is part of the Museums of San Benito, the birthplace of conjunto music. The museum works to promote, preserve, archive, document, and display the history of regional conjunto music by honoring those who create it. Detailed information on the instruments used in conjunto music, their cultural origins, and stories of San Benito’s legendary music institutions such as “La Villita” dance hall and the Rio Grande Music Company, home of Ideal Records, are among the featured exhibits.

Eva Ybarra, the “Queen of the Accordion,” is one of only a few professional women accordionists in conjunto music. Conjunto originated in the late 19th century in working-class communities along Texas-Mexico border, and is distinct to that region. Using the accordion as the lead instrument, conjunto bands perform dance music based on Mexican and Czech-German folk forms such as the polka, mazurkaschottishe, waltz, and huapango. As the leader of Eva Ybarra y Su Conjunto, Ybarra has specialized in writing and composing original conjunto music while also exploring non-standard chord progressions, advancing the art form’s evolution.

Special Offer
 Galla-Rini's "Collector Edition" CD

 There is a limited supply and this is the last run of production. 
$15 Free Shipping

Featuring songs: Torna A' Sorriento, Speak Softly, Rhapsody in Blue, Accordion Concerto in G minor, Fascination, Yesterday and more! 

Galla-Rini's career spanned 98 years as a professional accordionist, and more than 74 years as an accordion teacher. He has arranged literally hundreds of transcriptions for accordion ensembles, orchestras and soloists. He has also played a major part in pioneering the development of the modern accordion, developing the treble and bass registers, as well as standardizing the stradella bass system on the accordion.
Galla-Rini Collector Edition CD

Not Just Oompah! Workshops and Concert 2023
Shirley Johnson presents “The Frills and Thrills of Embellishments”
Workshop Jan 24 & 25, 2023  form 7-9:30 PM CT 
Concert Jan 26 , 2023 @ 7-9:30 CT
  Each event is recorded for later viewing. Learn how to take a Lead sheet and add: Fills, Trills, Runs, Embellishments and work with adding: Introduction, Ending, Transitions from one key to another. Learn how to make your music more interesting and FUN! For more information CONTACT
Shirley Johnson    

Not Just Oompah

Registration is open for the 2023 National Accordion Convention
National Accordion Association

Hilton Hotel, Richardson, Texas
March 15-19, 2023
Register Now and Pay Later

Northwest Accordion
Society Social

February 5th 1:30-3:30

New Location:
Fellowship Hall 
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
6020 Beacon Avenue South, Seattle 98108 

*The social will meets the first Sunday of each month
Would you like to visit the ‘Home of the Accordion’ in Castelfidardo, Italy?
UPDATED DATE: May 2nd-6th,  2023

Since 2012 Peter Le Geyt has arranged several visits to Italy from the UK offering accordionists the opportunity to experience Castelfidardo, the ‘Home of the Accordion’.  Some people have enjoyed the experience enough to attend a few times.  If you have not visited Castelfidardo before then here is the perfect opportunity.

Please email Peter Le Geyt for more information:

Featured Certified Pre-owned Accordions
We've been busy since the holiday season and our online inventory shows it.  Don't worry, we will have lots of new inventory to get online in the coming days & weeks.  

Certified Pre-owned: 
petosa Stroller 18 1/8" LMH $2495

Built in 1959, this petosa Stroller model is in excellent condition. Featuring a medium full-size keyboard (18 1/8"), 3/5 sets of hand finished reeds, all genuine calf-skin reed valves, and much more.  Completely serviced and Certified with new accessories and a 3 year warranty.  

More Info

Certified Pre-owned:  
Weltmeister Supra (37/96 LMMH) Voci Armoniche HM reeds & Harmonik mics

This one-of-a-kind Weltmeister Supra features upgraded handmade Voci Armoniche (Italy) treble & bass reeds, double tone chamber, Harmonik AC 501-HQ amplification, and a versatile LMMH tremolo (MM+5) configuration.  Made in Germany.    

More Info

Certified Pre-owned:  

petosa Series II (19 1/2" LMM) $3,495.00

Originally built in 1986 with built-in Elka electronics, this petosa Series II is a serious accordion at a great value.  Featuring a full-size 19 1/2 inch keyboard (20mm keys), 3/4 sets of handmade reeds, all-leather reed valves, solid mahogany double tone chamber, mahogany reed blocks and cabinet, all-chromed and insulated bass mechanics, Sennheiser MT-04 amplification and custom rhinestone engraving.  Electronics have been professionally removed by our service department.

More Info

petosa accordions | 206 632 2700 |
19503 56th Ave W Ste B Lynnwood, WA 98036     

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