AM-1050 Leggera

The highest quality double tone chamber accordion in its weight class… Leggera is a new genre of professional accordion, optimizing sound and feel without abandoning the use of premium quality materials. A concept designed to manage the overall weight of the instrument without sacrificing integrity and brilliance. The AM-1050 is even lighter and more compact than model AM-1000 with a compact 37 note keyboard & 96 basses. The combination of meticulous design and precise execution results in an instrument compact and light, easy to play and powerful in resonance. The AM-1050 Leggera offers artists 4/5 sets of reeds with a Solid Mahogany Double Tone Chamber (Cassotto) – newly designed Voci Armoniche BlueStar reeds & reed blocks – finest quality petosa reed leathers and more… weighing less than any instrument of its class at 21 lbs.


Lightweight Mahogany cabinet and bass cover plate.  3-piece Spruce reed blocks featuring newly engineered air cavity optimization. petosa Walnut keyboard with Lucite key tops. Special dense felt and leather valve pads. All genuine calfskin reed leathers. Silent, insulated bass mechanics. Celluloid covered cabinet with optional hand painted matte or gloss finish.
37 Keys: 17 3/4" (45cm)
96 Bass Buttons: Low A
4 Treble / 5 Bass : Voci Armoniche BLUESTAR / all leather valves / A440Hz
Available in LMMH Classic or LMMM Musette
Solid Mahogany Double Tone Chamber
11+Master Treble / 5 Bass
21 lbs (9.5kg)
10 Year Warranty / Lifetime Reed Guarantee / Lifetime Maintenance Included

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