AM-1100 Chromatic

Referred to by many as the Stradivarius of accordions. Each AM-1100 is uniquely individually handcrafted from the highest quality materials and four generations of craftsman. Pioneering perfection; a mahogany wood body, hand cut solid walnut keys and lucite key tops. Precision chromed bass mechanics for everlasting smooth silent action, reed blocks skillfully shaped from solid-aged Mahogany, a spruce core and three-piece walnut base. Genuine petosa handmade reeds with supple, hand-cut calfskin reed leathers. Tone chamber milled from a solid piece of aged mahogany. Interior wood varnished to a high gloss mirror finish. Bellows with Stainless steel corners. Finely finished solid walnut bellow frames and genuine leather gaskets. For those with a musical passion, you will simply feel the quality. The AM-1100 is second to none in sound, endurance, and quality that will last a lifetime. The AM-1100 Chromatic is available is Concert, Musette or Jazz reed configuration. 

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5-ply Mahogany Box construction. Double Tone Chamber (LM) handmade from one-piece solid aged mahogany. petosa 100% handmade Walnut keyboard/guides with Lucite key tops. Special dense felt and leather valve pads. Mahogany reed block with all handcut genuine calfskin reed leather. Mahogany bass board and cover plate. All chromed silent 'petosa' bass mechanics.
46 Notes
120 Bass Buttons: Low A
4 Treble / 5 Bass : Antonelli Blue Star Handmade 'petosa' reeds
II Cassotto, one-piece solid mahogany
11+Master Treble / 10 Bass
27 lbs (12.2kg)
10 Year Warranty / Lifetime Reed Guarantee / Lifetime Maintenance Included

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