The AM-1100 has given birth to a new generation: the AM-950 – born 2021. Handcrafted with the same world-famous genetics of its predecessor, the AM-950 is a uniquely compact, ultra-powerful & dynamic instrument for all generations of professionals. Featuring our exquisite solid Mahogany double cassotto, finest petosa handmade reeds, 5-ply Mahogany box & Mahogany reed blocks, 36 full-size Walnut treble keys with lucite keytops, and completely insulated & ultra-quiet bass mechanics. This 22 pound masterpiece covers a wide array of genres while boasting an intense depth of sound and attitude. 

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Mahogany cabinet, bass board and bass cover plate. 3-piece Mahogany reed blocks featuring new air cavity optimization. Solid Mahogany Double Tone Chamber. petosa Walnut keybord with Lucite key tops and ultra-fast mechanics. Special dense felt and leather valve pads. All chromed silent petosa bass mechanics.  Celluloid covered cabinet with optional hand painted matte or gloss finish. 
36 Notes
96 Bass Buttons
3 Treble / 4 Bass : Voci Armoniche BlueStar reeds / all leather valves / A440Hz
LMM available in dry, classic +6, musette +12 or custom
II Cassotto, one-piece solid Mahogany (LM)
7 Treble / 5 Bass
22 lbs (10kg)
10 Year Warranty / Lifetime Reed Guarantee / Lifetime Maintenance Included

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