Cathedral Piano Bayan

A concert instrument in a class of its own… The Cathedral Piano Bayan is an unequaled handcrafted instrument, limited in production with many custom features. Incorporates petosa's ultra-superior Converter Free-Bass mechanics for durability and performance. A uniquely-tuned 5th piccolo 'quint' treble reed set offers a remarkable Pipe Organ tone quality. Distinctly crafted one instrument at a time and personalized for each artist, the Cathedral Piano Bayan is recognized in the first of its class.


Mahogany plywood cabinet, handmade mahogany tone Chamber (Cassotto) milled from a single piece of solid mahogany. Lucite treble key tops complimented by solid white or black left hand bass buttons mounted to an exclusive petosa designed bass board "Porto Basso". Covered by a mahogany bass cover plate. Special dense felt and leather valve pads attached to hand forged duralumin key valve arms. A completely handmade petosa ultra-quiet chromatic free bass converter mechanism. Old world traditional handmade bellows with stainless steel bellow corners. petosa exclusively designed Antonelli "Blue Star" reeds coupled with 100% handcut calfskin reed valves are mounted to newly engineered Mahogany/Spruce reed blocks for optimization of sound and response.
45 Keys
120 Bass Buttons - 58 note Free Bass
5 sets treble.  Optional 6 or 7 sets Bass reeds - 2 or 3 sets FB reeds as 16'+16'/16'+8 or 16'+16+8'/16'+8'+4' : Voci Armoniche BLUESTAR / all leather valves

LMMHHv. A440Hz   
15+Master/7k - 6+R-3
31.5 lbs (14.3 kg)
10 Year Warranty / Lifetime Reed Guarantee / Lifetime Maintenance Included

Video Demonstration

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