Cathedral Bayan SV Grand Concert

For the distinguished professional Classical Concert artist… petosa first re-defined it’s Concert Series Converter Free-Bass with the addition of the Cathedral Bayan SV. Now petosa has advanced the SV model with new features and sound. The Cathedral Bayan SV Grand Concert begins with a solid-core Mahogany cabinet featuring 100% mahogany interior and petosa single piece solid mahogany tone chamber. Newly designed reed block construction optimizes air use, allowing for instant, distinct response and ultimate power. This exquisite build incorporates the highest standard Free-Bass mechanics for reliable durability, re-establishing the NEW Cathedral Bayan SV Grand Concert as a distinctively premiere Concert Bayan accordion for the most discriminating, professional musician. 

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Solid-core mahogany cabinet, mahogany reed blocks, bass board and cover plate. Solid, one-piece double tone chamber. Genuine mother of pearl keyboard buttons with felt/calfskin valve pads and hand forged aluminum key arms. Patented Artigiana B-Turbo handmade reeds with special leather gasket mounting (no wax). All genuine calfskin reed leathers. All chromed and ultra-refined/silent converter free bass mechanics. Special design bass porto mute (open/close). 
61 notes / 120 buttons 
55 free bass notes / 120 buttons
4 Treble / 6 Bass (5 Stradella/2 Free Bass 16+16): Artigiana B-Turbo HANDMADE / all leather valves
LMMH Concert  A440 Hz
15:6+2 Treble / 1+R Bass
31 lbs (14.1kg)
45 cm X 23 cm
10 Year Warranty / Lifetime Reed Guarantee / Lifetime Maintenance Included

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