Harmonik AC 501-PLUS

Harmonik AC 501-PLUS

Harmonik AC 501-PLUS

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AC501-PLUS is a microphone system for professional use for accordions that has an excellent cost/benefit ratio, since it unites all the technology and innovation developed by HARMONIK® with high-quality microphones that incorporate tone control functions for treble and bass, allowing the accordionist to adjust the timbre of the accordion to their liking, and the Mono-Stereo switch that allows the accordionist to easily change the output mode of the P10 connector from stereo to mono and vice versa, providing more features and flexibility on stage and in the studio. Harmonik's unique shock-mount microphone system absorbs the mechanical vibrations produced by playing. The result is a much purer, clearer and more natural sound.

High Fidelity Electronics:

The circuit of the AC501-PLUS microphones uses electronic components and amplifiers with very low noise level, high precision and low harmonic distortion, providing excellent sound fidelity.

High Feedback Resistance:

The AC501-PLUS is a system highly resistant to feedback (feedback) because its directional microphones together with the electronics make the system capable of rejecting external sound by up to 20dB.

Homogeneous Sound Capture:

With five directional microphones for the right hand and one omnidirectional for the bass, this system allows you to capture the entire length of the keyboard with equal intensity, from the lowest notes to the highest. For smaller accordions, the treble microphone board can be easily converted to 4 or even 3 mics.  


The AC501-PLUS system uses high-quality connectors, guaranteeing excellent electrical contact. Sealed potentiometers prevent dust particles from invading the electrical contacts, thus ensuring long life of the volume control circuit. In addition, the AC501-PLUS uses high-quality locking connectors and gold-plated terminals to ensure excellent connection quality.

Versatility & Durability:

This system has the versatility to adapt to accordions of any size, from 8 to 120 basses, piano or button, with cassotto or polyphonic. The AC501-PLUS does not require any external circuitry for its operation, it only requires a ¼” (6.35mm) cable. No phantom power required - just plug and play! *Stereo output on demand.  Includes Harmonik's new 2-in-1 volume/tone control knobs.  

Easy installation:

No need to worry about installation problems, as the AC5001-PLUS comes with cables and adapters that are easy to use and replace, on top of their intuitive layout.

Keyboard Microphones:

Polar pattern: Cardioid (directional)

Frequency response: 70Hz 20kHz ±3 dB

Signal/noise ratio: 56 dB at 1 kHz

Maximum sound pressure: 130 dB S.P.L.

Dimensions (length x width):

5 mics - 36.5 x 4.5 cm 

4 mics - 29 x 4.5 cm (modification required)

3 mics - 21 x 4.5 cm (modification required) 

Bass Microphone:

Polar pattern: 1 omni micFrequency response: 50Hz 20kHz ±3 dB

Signal/noise ratio: 60 dB at 1 kHz

Maximum sound pressure: 122 dB S.P.L.

IMPORTANT: please include preferred bellow cable (straight or coil type) in order notes  

Installation required - Click here to view Harmonik Installation Guide

Harmonik products are factory warrantied for 1 year 

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