Target Focus

Target Focus

Target Focus

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Series: None
Publisher: Independent
Format: Softcover
Writer: Joe Morelli
Level: All
Description: This is an in-depth instructional book specific to accordion. Topics include good habits to prevent hand injury, best use of practice time, how to practice and several other helpful tips for playing accordion.

The following are only a few of the elements covered in the Target-Focus book:

Patience, Memory & Imagination
Seven Basic Principles
Discipline: Learning How to Learn
The Pupil-Teacher Relationship
Habit: Immutable, Resolute, Tenacious, Remarkable
Exploring the Underside of Your Creative Potential
Aiming for Targets on the journey to No Goal
Tapping Your Creative Center The Creative Mind - Floating Free in a Sea of Uncertainty
Becoming the Experience Opening the Floodgates
A Sense of Adventure

"Joe Morelli has encompassed many different aspects (all of them very important), musically and technically, involved in what it takes to be a complete artist and performer on the accordion. I say that his book should be in the hands of not only every teacher of the instrument, but also accordionists in general, let alone the beginners."

- Anthony Galla Rini

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