petosa AM-1100 Grand Concert Century Edition (19 1/2" LMMH II TC) **RESERVED**

petosa AM-1100 Grand Concert Century Edition (19 1/2" LMMH II TC)  **RESERVED**

petosa AM-1100 Grand Concert Century Edition (19 1/2" LMMH II TC) **RESERVED**

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An opportunity to own a nearly new AM-1100 Grand Concert Century Edition Black Knight at a reduced price. Delivered in 2022, this accordion sold new for $18,949.00. Impeccably maintained and cared for, the accordion shows hardly any signs of use. 

The Grand Concert is inspired by the essence of a classical sounding Concert instrument. A precise, crystal clear tone is produced by the development of a solid Mahogany wood cabinet construction.  The AM-1100 belongs to a class of its own, setting the standard by which all other accordions are compared. Uniquely and individually handcrafted from the highest quality materials through four generations of craftsmen, no accordion is as powerful in sound nor will endure the test of time like an AM-1100. The AM-1100 Grand Concert is designed for the classical and traditional accordionist. A uniquely dry-tuned violin register captures the breathy tone of a non-chambered voice with the melodic resonance of a chambered voice. A smooth and distinct clarity to each note. Click here for full details. 

Completely serviced, Certified and Warrantied. 


Keyboard: 19 1/2" keyboard (49.5 cm)

Treble/Bass: 41 treble keys / 120 bass buttons

Registers: 11M treble / 7 bass registers

Reeds: 4/5 sets Voci Armoniche Handmade reeds / all genuine leather valves 

Tone Chamber: LM (Bassoon/Clarinet), one-piece solid mahogany chamber

Configuration:  LMMH +0  A 440Hz

Amplification:  Harmonik AC 5001-PLUS microphone system

Weight: 27 lbs (12.3 kg)  


  • Harmonik AC 5001-PLUS microphone system
  • New shoulder straps
  • New back pad
  • New bass strap
  • AC-1 petosa Accordion Cover
  • Marco Magi Deluxe wheeled hard case with hygrometer/thermometer

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