petosa AM-1100 Concert/Musette (19 1/4" LMMH/LMMM II TC)

petosa AM-1100 Concert/Musette (19 1/4" LMMH/LMMM II TC)

petosa AM-1100 Concert/Musette (19 1/4" LMMH/LMMM II TC)

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This AM-1100 was crafted in 1983. Referred to as the Stradivarius of the accordion by many; each AM-1100 is uniquely individually handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Precision chromed bass mechanics for everlasting smooth silent action, reed blocks skillfully shaped from aged Mahogany and three-piece walnut base. Famous "Guidobaldi" Hand Made reeds with genuine calf skin leathers. Tone chamber (LM) of aged mahogany. Interior wood varnished to a high gloss mirror finish. Bellows with Stainless steel corners. Finely finished solid walnut bellow frames and genuine leather gaskets. Those with a musical passion will simply feel the quality. The AM-1100 is second to none in sound, endurance, refinement and quality that will last a lifetime. The custom interchangeable reed blocks and acoustic power grille make this AM-1100 even more special, it is truly several accordions in one, and the ultimate in flexibility. Beautifully cared for by the previous owner. 

Keyboard: 19 1/4″ keyboard (49 cm)

Treble/Bass: 41 treble keys / 120 basses 

Registers: 11+M treble / 10 bass registers

Reeds: 4/5 sets of Handmade Guidobaldi reeds  

Configuration: LMMH  Dry  /  LMMM -15/+15 

Tuning: A-441

Tone Chamber: Double (LM) Mahogany Tone Chamber

Amplification: ESM Grille (open/close) w/ original dynamic amplification 

Extras: Interchangeable reeds and Acoustic Power Grille 

Weight: 27.5 lbs (12.47 kg)



  • ESM & Acoustic Power Grille
  • Interchangeable reeds
  • Mahogany Storage Box for reeds
  • Mahogany Storage Box for grille
  • Flight Form hard case
  • V-100 Premium Contoured Shoulder straps 
  • Bass strap
  • Back pad

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