Antico 3 (37/96 LMM)

Antico 3 (37/96 LMM)

Antico 3 (37/96 LMM)

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10-Year Warranty
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10-Year Warranty
Lifetime Maintenance
Reed Guarantee
10-Day Trial

Honoring the petosa 100 year anniversary, we are excited for the return of the Antico series as part of a "Limited Edition" series production. The Antico model is designed with old-world tradition and aesthetics combined with today's finest quality materials and construction. Hearty 5-ply Mahogany cabinet and handmade Voci Armoniche reeds mounted on Abeta wood blocks create a stunning and powerful acoustic presence. The Antico includes lucite key tops, all genuine calfskin reed leathers, insulated bass mechanics for quiet, fast action and many refinements only found in a petosa. The Antico's violin-esque keyboard, squared cabinet and bass section are a reflection of founder Carlo Petosa's first builds in the 1920's, while the materials and craftsmanship exhibit a century of perfection.

Keyboard: 17 3/4" (45 cm)  G-G

Treble/Bass: 37 keys/96 buttons

Registers: 5 treble/3 bass

Reeds: 3/4 sets Voci Armoniche Handmade reeds - Low 'A' Bass (A-440Hz)

Configuration: LMM+12 Musette 

Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)

Dimensions (length x depth)43.5 cm x 19 cm


  • V-100 Pro shoulder straps
  • petosa PGB-2 Gig-Bag

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