Artista Pro (37/96 LMMH II TC)

Artista Pro (37/96 LMMH II TC)

Artista Pro (37/96 LMMH II TC)

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10-Year Warranty
Lifetime Maintenance
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10-Year Warranty
Lifetime Maintenance
Reed Guarantee
10-Day Trial

Old-World tradition fused with modern Artisan Master Craftsmanship. . .

The Artista Pro is inspired by the creative professional artist. An elegant style that is designed for the most demanding accordionist. The aging process of our maple creates a unique timbre quality within a class of its own that will endure generation after generation. Stunning beauty and an unsurpassed warmth and resonance are the hallmarks of this exquisite instrument. Individually and uniquely handmade, the Artista Pro is limited in production and distinctively one-of-a-kind; each accordion with its own 'fingerprint' of grain pattern.  

In 2022, the year of our 100th anniversary, the BlueStar® reed has replaced our finest handmade reed as the top of the range, it exceeds in acoustic and functional potential. The new BlueStar® voices are a natural result of a new vision in the art of crafting reeds. They are the conclusion of a path of observation, study and improvement by third generation Lorenzo Antonelli. They are not considered handmade; nor a variant, or a restyling. The BlueStar® is a new voice, different from the voices of the past and those of today, because it contains substantial innovations and differences.

Compared to the handmade reed, the BlueStar® reed has specific improvements: 1) Enhanced overall timbre and functional homogeneity resulting from today's most advanced computer measuring software to optimize precision of the tongue shapes. The perfection between tongue and plate has been raised to the highest possible degree. 2) Stability of the final tuning while preserving the important chargepoint. 3) Resistance to fatigue failure, improved by the thermal bluing treatment & minimal pre and post-tuning. 4) Thermal bluing of the tongues also improves the steel in its metallurgical properties, consequently improving the functional characteristics of the reeds (usability, ductility, dynamics, homogeneity). BlueStar® is a natural evolution of innovation and technology; improving on the best characteristics of the finest handmade reed, resulting in the most refined, dynamically responsive and powerful reed produced today. When joined together with special, precision-modified reed block chambers, the result further optimizes the characteristics of this new voice. 

Keyboard: 17 3/4" (45 cm) (19mm keys) F - F

Treble/Bass: 37 keys/96 buttons

Registers: 11+Master treble/5 bass

Reeds: 4/5 sets Voci Armoniche BlueStar reeds

Configuration: LMMH  Classic +6 cents (A 440Hz)

Tone Chamber: Solid Maple Double (LM) Tone Chamber

Weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)

Dimensions: 42.5 x 19 (cm)


Solid-aged Maple construction

Maple reed blocks

Solid Maple Tone Chamber

Specially formulated luthier varnish interior

Lancaster Satin finish

Walnut keyboard w/ ivory-colored Lucite key tops

Solid Maple sharps and flats Special felt and leather keyboard & bass valves

All chromed, ultra-quiet bass mechanism

Genuine gold-plated hardware

  • New custom V-100 Premium Contour shoulder straps (Brown w/ Gold hardware)
  • New custom V-100 Premium Bass strap
  • New Back Pad
  • New AC-2 petosa cloth cover 
  • Premium petosa hard case w/ wheels
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10 Year Warranty

Free Maintenance for Life

petosa Reed Guarantee

10 Day Trial

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